“Serving Hanover for the next 100 years…”

After 16 years of searching for a suitable home, the Whippany Fire Company announced on March 20, 2014 that it has purchased the property at 8,10,12 Troy Hills for the relocation of the firehouse. Bids will be advertised in the summer.

The Fire Department was established in 1915 and didn’t get its first firehouse until 1923 – the same firehouse currently in use. The firehouse requires maintenance and repairs every 30 years, and the fire company finds itself at the 30-year point once again, though with more challenges than ever before because they have outgrown this location.

As part of due diligence, the committee looked at other relocation opportunities, but none were feasible due to either location or lack of construction revenue. A consultant study that was done determined that the best location for the Whippany Firehouse was at the corner of Troy Hills Rd and Route 10, which is, importantly, out of the flood zone.

Originally, the Fire Company considered a site within the Whippany Village, though a more realistic opportunity presented itself – to relocate the fire company to a new firehouse on 8 Troy Hills Rd. At this location, the firehouse will provide adequate facilities to accommodate the fire company for the next 100 years. It has been designed to take advantage of multiple green energy indicatives, which will lower the operating costs. It will also be fully up to current codes and standards.

The total area will have approximately 21,200 square feet of habitable area, with early plans showing it will include apparatus storage space, department and commissioner offices, meeting/classroom area, 8-inch thick concrete slabs with floor drains and grease interceptor, workshop, locker room facility, gear storage, and equipment storage spaces.

The most desirable financial option that is being pursued by the committee is that the new firehouse be funded from sources other than the community, and the committee is aggressively moving forward with this internal financial goal.

Even with the current focus being the relocation project, the Whippany Fire Company’s commitment to providing firefighting and other community-centered services to this community will not change.

As the project progresses, frequent updates will be posted on www.whippanyfire.com.