Mark your calendars! The Whippany Fire Company is thrilled to invite the community to its Open House on Sunday, October 1, 2023. Not only does this event promise a fun-filled afternoon for families and residents of all ages, but it also signifies the commencement of Fire Prevention Month.

The Open House starts at noon and goes until 4PM.

A Day Packed with Exciting Activities

The Whippany Fire Company has meticulously planned an afternoon that seamlessly blends education with entertainment. Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store:

  • Demonstrations: Ever wondered how fire professionals tackle blazing emergencies? Here’s your chance to see them in action. Attendees will get a firsthand look at various firefighting techniques and safety measures.
  • Tours of the Firehouse: Walk through the corridors of bravery as the doors to the iconic firehouse open for the public. Explore areas generally off-limits and gain insight into the daily lives of our local heroes.
  • Fire Truck Exploration: The children are in for a special treat! They’ll have the opportunity to climb aboard the fire trucks, get a feel of the driver’s seat, and understand the machinery.
  • Dressing Up: Kids can also experience the life of a firefighter by trying on some gear. Feel the weight of the jackets, helmets, and boots that these brave souls wear when they dash into life-saving actions.
  • Meet Sparky: No event is complete without a mascot, and the Whippany Fire Company’s Open House will see Sparky mixing and mingling. A delight for the kids and adults alike, make sure you get a photo!

Refreshments & More

To keep the energy high, light refreshments will be available for all attendees. Whether you’re craving a cool drink after a fire truck tour or a quick snack, we’ve got you covered.

Moreover, if you have any questions or ever considered joining the volunteer fire service, the Whippany Fire Department’s membership team will be present to provide information and answer any queries.

A Day of Community and Learning

This Open House is not just an opportunity to get a closer look at the fire service operations; it’s a day for community bonding, understanding the importance of fire safety, and igniting the flame of curiosity in young minds.

So, come along, bring your family and friends, and spend a day with the heroes who guard our safety every day. It’s a date with the guardians of Whippany, and you’re warmly invited!

Remember, fire safety is a shared responsibility. Let’s kick off Fire Prevention Month with enthusiasm, awareness, and community spirit! See you there!