Whippany Fire Company Fire House Relocation

Preparing for the next 100 Years…

Almost a century ago, a few select few residents of Whippany made the choice to come together and help our town’s residents in their times of need by creating the Whippany Fire Company. As the fire company grew, more members joined and eventually built our firehouse in which we reside in today. Our firehouse has been used to house our equipment, served as a meeting hall for the town, and was the home of our library for many years.

Now, almost 100 years later we are at a similar point in our town’s history. We are in the process of relocating the Whippany Fire House out of the flood zone that has plagued us into a new building that will adequately house us and our equipment for the next 100 years to come. We have been working on this project for over 15 years and are looking forward to the relocation and construction of the new firehouse.

We have attached a PDF highlighting some of the main components of the Fire House Relocation and have created a video of some of the challenges we’ve experienced due to our location in a flood zone….

Click here for the Relocation PDF