Down at the firehouse, we’re always looking for ways to challenge ourselves with new and creative training techniques. Typically we’re testing our strength, though this evening, we changed it up a bit and tested our finesse as we utilized our rescue air bags to slowly navigate a cue ball through a wooden mazed that Professor Ben created.

As firefighters, we have access to many tools and techniques that can assist us with creating these needed inches. One of our most valuable tools is the lifting air bag, aka the high-pressure bag. We may not use them at the scene of an extrication very often, but these tools prove invaluable when we need those additional inches.

When it comes to extrication/heavy lifting, firefighters need to have a “game of inches” mentality, to move or manipulate metal merely inches to free a trapped victim or gain access to a part of it the vehicle.

The simple wooden maze helped us test various techniques with the air bags while testing our patience and finesse — plus have a bit of fun, and a few gained some bragging rights!