2021 Whippany Fire Santa Run | Sunday 12.19.2021








Santa Update From the North Pole:

Santa & His Elves will be testing out their new lighted sleigh this evening (Sunday 12/19) in Whippany starting around 4 PM.

Happy Holidays! This year we’re going to try something a bit different and escort Santa through Whippany on our magical “award-winning” lighted sleigh. Because of this, we have to start a little later than we have in the past and will not be able to visit every street in town.

We’re going to concentrate on the higher populated streets to efficiently make our way through town to share some holiday cheer, and we’ll post our route as we work through town.
We’re going to start on the BlackBrook side of town and work our way to -> BeeMeadow -> Reynolds -> Salem -> Monroe -> High-school. Please note that it’s hard to keep track of social media comments and special requests for drive-bys once we start. So instead, please watch our feed and see the area we’re in and come out and meet us.

Note, our original intention was to invite everyone to the firehouse to get pictures with Santa and his lighted sleigh before we started, though due to the current rise in COVID numbers, we were advised against this and that we have to be extra cautious with Santa as we drive through town and we are not allowed to make individual stops as we’ve done in the past